IoT platforms for centralized management of electric recharging infrastructure

Electric vehicle charging points are connected and distributed devices that require centralized and digitized management so that operators can guarantee maximum availability and quality of service.

At galeo we have had the opportunity to develop a complete platform for charging infrastructure management for one of the most relevant operators in the Spanish market.

The main elements that IoT technology brings to the management of recharging points are:

  • Bidirectional communication mechanisms.
  • Service and asset lifecycle management mechanisms.
  • Data and metadata persistence mechanisms.
  • Integration interfaces to other services and business applications.

The galeo team has had the opportunity to contribute to the creation of a critical infrastructure to accelerate the adoption of electric mobility in our country, which is still in its early days and will need to exploit the full potential of digital technologies for its maximum development.

The integration of the control capabilities of the recharging points - theOT environment – with the digital environment that allows the capture, enrichment and analysis of the data, opens the possibility of a complete digital control of the network of recharging points.