We understand data, the fundamental dynamics of its lifecycle and the need to continually explore creative ways to extend its actionable business value, as data operations and analytics must be seamlessly integrated with business processes and applications.

For this reason, we have created our Data Value incubation space, where we build labs to stay at the forefront of the data platform innovation space.

Data Ecosystem lab

This is the central space where we explore the technologies, processes, architectures and basic methodologies that will become the fundamental core of our solutions. Some examples are:

We are embarking on the “Superlópez” project, where a new architectural and operational environment will transcend the SaaS and PaaS dichotomy, defining an open, agile and interoperable model of collaboration and integration in the cloud, where innovative providers and third-party software can be intelligently integrated into the corporate data platform.

Intelligent Automation Lab

The advanced analytical capabilities developed in our workplace analytics solutions open the door to new ways of approaching automation and RPA projects. The incorporation of a new advanced intelligence system maximizes the value and impact of automation beyond traditional repetitive tasks:

Our Workplace Semantic Automation project can provide a set of innovative solutions, providing Artificial Intelligence and Text Analytics as the main component of the architecture of a workplace process automation program.

B2B Connected Service Lab

One of the critical areas where digital transformation will have a significant business impact in the coming years is the transformation of sales and service models in the B2B space.

The enterprise sales model will adopt processes and tools similar to those that B2C e-commerce has successfully developed.

Data will play a key role in this transformation, and we are already exploring innovative solutions to integrate sales processes and customer service with the 360° views of the entire service delivery and customer experience information that the analytics system will be able to provide.

Industrial Edge Lab

There is widespread agreement that edge computing technologies will be a key driver for scaling and extending digitization over the next decade. However, many challenges must be faced before this new reality can be fully realized. The industrial sector, with its inherent complexity and wide variety of requirements and conditions, is a particularly suitable environment for exploring technologies and architectures to deliver on the promises of the edge computing value proposition.

We are collaborating with many of our customers and industry partners to explore the application of edge computing and Internet of Things technologies to this incredibly complex environment.