A corporate data platform is an integrated combination of technology infrastructure and operational processes that allows all kinds of data to be governed, accessed, and delivered to business units for the seek of new business value.

As every corporate asset, there is a unique Data Platform for each company. It cannot be bought from a product store, as it needs to reflect the specific strategic goals and operational requirements of every company.

We help you to design, construct and implement the enterprise Data Platform for your company. Our Data Engineering teams will do it adapting validated best practices and design patterns to your specific needs.

The galeo pattern

Our architectural approach to Corporate Data Platforms is both a fundamental methodology and an architecture pattern that allows having the components and the processes to fulfill four strategic mandates around data and analytics:

Data is a corporate resource

It will be reused in different contexts and processes on the data platform. A single, centralized and governed mechanism has to be responsible for liberating data from original silos.

The Data Platform is a marketplace

of both data and analytics solutions. Business users will have access to mechanisms that allow reusing and combining the existing assets into new systems and solutions.

Business need analytics products

Not just data science models. Data products need to combine AI & ML algorithms, data transformation processes, integration, and consumption interfaces. The Platform must provide seamless mechanisms to easily integrate, test, and scale the multiple components of a data product.

The Data Platform is a trusted space

built on top of your trusted infrastructure, the platform provides security, governance, and operation procedures to make companies and users feel secured and protected while exploiting every type of corporate data.

The Benefits of our data platform

Following the principles of the Galeo Pattern methodology we build the required architectural components and processes needed to build your corporate data platform. With our approach the expected benefits of data platforms can be fulfilled, such as the following:

  • Solve the data integration challenges at corporate level and provide a unified access point for all your data analytics projects.
  • Streamline the Data Product development processes, eliminating repetitive and time consuming integration and deployment tasks.
  • Achieve maximum multitenancy by offering business units reusable data and analytics assets.
  • Guarantee privacy and security by deploying automatic governance and security procedures.
  • Accelerate the creation of new business models and new revenue opportunities that rely on your own data.


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