Data analytics and AI have demonstrated an enormous impact in industrial companies, particularly in those areas where the actual manufacturing operations are performed. The industrial data challenge though has some of the most stringent requirements for a data platform:

  • Data capture is part of the data platform: industrial equipment, instruments, sensors, machines, and gateways, continuously generate data in different formats and through different channels. Building a unified data capture layer is the first challenge for industrial IoT data platforms.
  • Connect cloud analytics and edge operations: real-time operations require real-time responses. To reach this rapid response, data platform architecture needs to dynamically balance IoT, edge, and cloud capabilities in real-time.
  • The security is paramount to protect critical operations and processes. Advanced tools combining cybersecurity, governance, and monitoring need to be built to release data to new domains where access to manufacturing data has almost always been restricted.


The Galeo Engineering team will work with you to devise, build, and operate your Industrial Data Platforms end to end, from sensors and embedded devices at the edge to the analytics systems on the cloud.

Our approach is based on proven best practices and technologies and will allow your company to

  • Build a non-invasive multipurpose data platform to extract value from operational data.
  • Remotely manage and govern the full lifecycle of all the IoT devices.
  • Dynamically balance your analytics capabilities through the edge and the cloud.
  • Orchestrate, secure, and protect the required data flows, while democratizing access to data and analytics


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