Data Analyst (Grafana & Python)

GALEO is a digital engineering company, specialized in BigData, IoT and Cloud platforms, in which we develop projects for our clients with the aim of creating scalable, integrated digital environments based on operating models that maximize automation and digital operation. Our client portfolio includes leading companies in sectors such as industry, banking, asset management and connected mobility.

We are looking for a Data Analyst with more than 1 year of experience in Python and Grafana to join our Data Engineers team.

Interested? Take a look at the details of our vacancy.

Professional conditions

The facts are clear:

  • A competitive salary, complemented by an attractive performance-based bonus.
  • A training and professional growth plan. All GALEO engineers have annual training and certification objectives, customized and designed together with the company.
  • Real access to certifications: AWS, Azure, GCP, Confluent, DataBricks….
  • An informal, flexible and friendly work environment. The work is done in small teams, 100% TELEWORKING or from our new office in Madrid, which will allow you to work from the location that best suits you. We hold two annual face-to-face meetings in a festive setting.
  • The possibility to leave a mark, at GALEO we need different ideas and approaches, so we provide our engineers with the time and resources to experiment and innovate with our customers.

Professional competencies

They are called Soft Skills or Hard Skills. We are not going to get into terminology. The important thing is that you know what skills and experience are expected of you. Fundamentally, you must have a desire to work as part of a team, be organized, responsible and have initiative. But, in addition:

  • Knowledge of Python to be able to develop in other areas of the company that link with Grafana.
  • Extensive experience in the development, maintenance and management of panels and analytics in Grafana and knowledge of the architecture/administration of Grafana [mínimo 1 año].
  • Experience in dashboard configuration, alerts and alarms, integration with different tools, API integrations and reports.
  • Experience in creating Grafana dashboards to display time-based data graphs.
  • Ability to prepare a dashboard from scratch, including database connection setup.
  • Configuration of jobs to obtain data at a specific frequency, configuration of connections to non-DB data sources, e.g. Excel sheets.
  • Ability to enhance existing Grafana dashboards and add new dashboards.
  • Good knowledge of implementing dashboards / charts in Grafana and understanding of which charts work best to represent different types of data.


Residence in Spain


GALEO TECH is a company founded in 2018 to help companies in their digitization process. Since then we are undergoing rapid growth by designing, building and operating innovative data platforms that harness, integrate and exploit the dynamic value of data.

The GALEO team consists of a group of professionals with extensive experience in various fields of technology, engineering, science and business. Our experiences include creating and developing digital products, applying artificial intelligence on a large scale, building data platforms for large companies, conducting scientific experiments, designing IoT hardware and even launching several startups.

At GALEO we like to create things, and that is our focus. No nonsense, no paperwork, no bureaucracy, no ties. We pride ourselves on maintaining a free and independent spirit that allows us to bring maximum value to our clients in a straightforward, transparent and professional manner.

GALEO’s team of engineers, developers and architects work flexibly, usually remotely, in small, multidisciplinary and autonomous teams, operating fully aligned for the achievement of our project goals and the satisfaction of our customers.

Selection process

  • Video conference with Galeo Tech’s Head of People
  • Video conference with Galeo Tech’s CTO
  • Request for references (if not done before or during the selection process)
  • Offer of incorporation


Meeting Point
C/ Coslada, 5 · Espacio M25
28028 – Madrid
+34 919 04 96 57