Senior Business Unit Manager

We are looking for a Senior Business Unit Manager with the desire, passion and capabilities to expand the company’s business lines, leading newly created business units to bring GALEO’s capabilities, experiences and solutions to new markets and customers.

We believe that joining GALEO as an integral responsible of a business unit is an exciting challenge. The responsibility of the position will require generating a relevant impact on the company’s growth, and offers the opportunity to collaborate with a dynamic and expert team capable of designing solutions and proposing ambitious and innovative projects to the market.

We are also confident that joining GALEO as a Sr Business Unit Manager is an opportunity to demonstrate and develop leadership and management skills, and earn compensation and income commensurate with the responsibilities and challenge.

Interested? Take a look at the details of our vacancy.

Roles and responsibilities

Your main functions will be:

  • You will be responsible for the entire sales cycle: from opportunity identification to presentation, sales, project management and invoicing/collection.
  • You will coordinate the communication with the client, understanding their needs and expectations in relation to the benefits of these technologies for their business, relying on the company’s technical specialists for the design and construction of sophisticated and high value-added solutions.
  • Through these projects and services executed at the client’s site, it should transform technology, processes and people, in order to generate an impact on multiple aspects of the business and on the competitive capabilities of the companies.
  • You will have to provide a good environment for the work teams and be a promoter of the GALEO Culture to the customer and internal teams, so you will have to assume the values and work methodologies of the company.
  • You will be the person responsible for the P&L of your business unit.

Professional competencies

They are called Soft Skills or Hard Skills. We are not going to get into terminology. The important thing is that you know what skills and experience are expected of you. Fundamentally, you must have a desire to work as part of a team, be organized, responsible and have initiative. But also:

  • Knowledge of the Spanish market, high networking skills, contact with potential clients.
  • Experience in making proposals, presentations and bids to clients.
  • Passionate about technology with knowledge in Big Data, IoT and public cloud platforms (AWS, Azure and Google Cloud).
  • Experience in IT professional services projects related to software development and integration is essential.
  • To have the analytical and strategic capacity to generate efficient and adequate project proposals according to the client’s business needs.

Desirable or valuable:

  • Ability to speak in public and represent the company in different forums.
  • Personality with good humor, empathy, modesty, spirit of customer service and companionship.
  • Willingness to seek training in new technologies, common sense and imagination, creativity, leadership and ability to autonomously design solutions for clients.
  • It will be highly valued if you have knowledge in AWS, Azure and/or Google Cloud as well as in the different common technologies of digital platforms (Data, APIs, Events…).

Professional conditions

First of all, we start with the working conditions offered by the company. That way, if you don’t get the basics right, you don’t waste any more time reading on.

  • We work with flexible hours.
  • An informal, flexible and friendly work environment. The work is done in small teams, 100% TELEWORKING or from our new office in Madrid, which will allow you to work from the location that best suits you. We hold two annual face-to-face meetings in a festive setting.
  • We will make you an indefinite contract, but we all know that it will be as indefinite as productive our relationship is, and as good as our collaboration is.
  • The objective of the position is ambitious and the criteria for evaluation of the collaboration will be demanding. Thus, the salary will also respond to this scheme: it will be ambitious and with an important supplement related to results.
  • Stock compensation, as the collaboration works and yields the results we expect, the financial compensation will be complemented with compensation in company stock. Be that as it may, the model will be clear from the outset.
  • We have a highly motivated environment for knowledge updating and training, and you will also have your own Annual Training Plan according to your needs.
  • Resources and tools at your disposal to work remotely.
  • Real opportunity for professional development, becoming part of the team that leads the different areas of the company, and with the ability to influence and impact all aspects of our business and organization.

Selection process

  • Videoconference with Head of People.
  • Videoconference with the CEO and CTO of Galeo Tech.
  • Request for references (if not done before or during the selection process).
  • Incorporation offer.


Residence in Spain


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Meeting Point
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28028 – Madrid
+34 919 04 96 57