Cloud Data Engineer – AWS

We’re looking for Data Engineers who are enthusiastic about technology and the cloud world. With proven experience in different technologies, we don’t care what combination of them if you are good at them and willing to learn more, and if you know them all, you can choose to work in our team of architects and hands-on technical managers.

Although at Galeo we work with all cloud providers, in this case we are looking for engineers with experience in AWS to join our IoT team. Some typical projects are the creation of data platforms that are able to ingest thousands of data from sensors, databases or through API calls to third parties to make them available and treat them with different machine learning analytical services, so it is interesting to have knowledge of AWS Lambda Functions, AWS Step Functions etc… but ALL your knowledge in data engineering will be valued. Previous experience in messaging protocols, event processing, IoT services, serverless services with AWS, knowledge in Kafka tools, KSQL, Kafka Connectors, DynamoDB, Redshift, Airflow and MQTT, OPCUA and HTTP/APIs communication protocols will also be an asset.

The common stack to work with is Python. We also value and/or you can learn if you want about Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform… or any other experience with related services will be valued: MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Neo4j… for us a data engineer is in the middle of everything and ends up acquiring diverse skills, knowledge in Kubernetes/Containers and Terraform will be highly valued.

Professional conditions

The facts are clear:

  • A competitive salary, complemented by an attractive performance-based bonus.
  • A training and career growth plan. All GALEO engineers have annual training and certification objectives, customised and designed together with the company.
  • Real access to certifications: AWS, Azure, GCP, Confluent, DataBricks…..
  • An informal, flexible and friendly working environment. The work is done in small teams, 100% TELEWORKING which will allow you to work from the location that best suits you. We hold two face-to-face meetings a year in a festive setting.
  • We also have a modern office in Madrid if you prefer to work in person whenever you feel like it.
  • At GALEO we need different ideas and approaches, which is why we provide our engineers with the time and resources to experiment and innovate with our clients.

The Galeo team

GALEO TECH is a company founded in 2018 to help companies in their digitalisation process. Since then we are going through a rapid growth designing, building and operating innovative data platforms that leverage, integrate and exploit the dynamic value of data.

The GALEO team consists of a group of professionals with extensive experience in various fields of technology, engineering, science and business. Our experiences include creating and developing digital products, applying artificial intelligence on a large scale, building data platforms for big companies, conducting scientific experiments, designing IoT hardware and even launching several startups.

At GALEO we like to create things, and that’s our focus. No nonsense, no paperwork, no bureaucracy, no ties. We pride ourselves on maintaining a free and independent spirit that allows us to bring maximum value to our clients in a straightforward, transparent and professional way.

GALEO’s team of engineers, developers and architects work flexibly, usually remotely, in small, multidisciplinary and autonomous teams, operating in full alignment to achieve our projects’ objectives and our clients’ satisfaction.

Selection process

  • Video conference with Galeo Tech’s Head of People
  • Video conference with Galeo Tech’s CTO
  • Request for references (if not done before or during the selection process)
  • Recruitment offer


Residence in Spain