System Engineer

At Galeo we develop projects for our clients where we are generally the ones who design, develop, deploy and maintain the projects . Here lies one of our main added values, and that is to have profiles of all kinds to provide the entire supply chain of a project.

We focus on public cloud (AWS, Azure and GCP) and, although we do everything, our forte is IoT projects and Big Data platforms in all their breadth.

We like to be daring, innovative, try new technologies and the automation of all the components of our projects.

We are looking for all-round systems engineers, with strong Kubernetes skills, but who we expect to be able to deal with any aspect of a traditional systems engineer’s life: monitoring, automation, deployments, application installation…..

Professional conditions

The facts are clear:

  • A competitive salary, complemented by an attractive performance-based bonus.
  • A training and professional growth plan. All GALEO engineers have annual training and certification objectives, customized and designed together with the company.
  • Real access to certifications: AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, Terraform, Confluent, DataBricks…..
  • An informal, flexible and friendly work environment. The work is done in small teams, 100% TELEWORKING or from our new office in Madrid, which will allow you to work from the location that best suits you. We hold two annual face-to-face meetings in a festive setting.
  • Other financial incentives such as rewards for bringing to Galeo that friend who is a crack, or for coaching people more junior than you. More than 70% of Galeo’s employees come from internal referrals – would it be like this if it wasn’t a great place to work?

Roles and responsibilities

These will be your main functions:

  • The urgent: Work on the entire lifecycle around Kubernetes: managing clusters, advising to modernize applications, etc..
  • Work with graphane or other observability systems such as Dynatrace
  • Deployment automation, depending on the project: azure devops, jenkins, aws code pipelines, bitbucket pipelines, github actions…
  • Use IaaC tools such as Terraform or Cloud Formation.
  • Assist promptly in the installation of software on IaaS.
  • Assist in the configuration of networks and communications with security in mind.

Professional competencies

We do not expect you to control everything, we value what is not written here, and what matters to us is your ability to absorb new knowledge:

  • At least 5 years of experience as System Engineer.
  • Experience in public cloud, mainly AWS and Azure.
  • Fundamental: experience with Kubernetes Alto.
  • Fundamental: CI/CD experience
  • Fundamental: Terraform experience
  • Valuable: experience with Dynatrace
  • Valuable: experience with Istio
  • Valuable: experience with Jenkins
  • Valuable: experience in cloud governance: tag policy, cost control, best practices definition.
  • Valuable: experience in log collection and infrastructure monitoring. In addition to Dynatrace, as already mentioned, we work extensively with Grafana.
  • Fundamental: appropriate personality to work in a team and deal directly with our customers. We work remotely, so communication with the rest of the world is essential for the formula to work.
  • The most important thing is that you have experience in different technologies and you are motivated to keep learning from each technological ecosystem.


  • Residing in Spain, we don’t care where.

Selection process

  • Videoconference with the Head of People of Galeo Tech.
  • Videoconference with Galeo Tech’s CTO.
  • Videoconference to meet some of your colleagues first hand if you wish.
  • Offer of incorporation