The digital workforce experience

Digital transformation has changed the way we interact with technology. Traditional workplace applications have transformed into interaction hubs among users, apps, services, APIs, and processes.

GALEO’s Workforce Intelligence Platform makes use of data from the digital tools your organization uses to work and collaborate, and extract insights about your workforce digital experience.

With GALEO’s Workforce Intelligence Platform your organization will be able to use the power of data to:

  • Analyze organizational patterns and hidden structures.
  • Measure workforce engagement and employee wellbeing
  • Improve processes involving machine and workforce interactions
  • Maximize the productivity of the workplace environment

Discover, Understand and take action

Workforce digital experience

With GALEO Workforce Intelligence Platform you will be able to collect and exploit data from workplace services like MS 365 and analyze data from:

  • Meetings
  • Calls
  • Emails
  • Chats
  • Document sharing

Obtain valuable insights on work and collaboration patterns, employee engagement and work-balance.

  • Workday and workbalance
  • Meeting dynamics and quality
  • Quality time, activity patterns

With GALEO Workforce Intelligence Platform you will be able to promote organizational change and track results over time.

Work process optimization

Monitor workforce-based business processes and analyze the whole collaboration network that performs them.

You’ll be able to extract insights on your

  • On-boarding processes
  • Customer interaction channels and services
  • Sales and post-sales customer collaboration
  • Project and Task performance dynamics

Discover hidden patterns among business processes and leverage data for optimization strategies.

Customer story: Insights and process automation with corporate service mailboxes. Learn more.

Workplace operation

The Digital Workforce Experience requires orchestrating multiple tools, across different usage patterns and environments, including mobile, remote and desktop locations.

Galeo Workplace Intelligence helps you analyzing and monitoring product adoption and usage, optimize costs, detect service level disruption and promote resource optimization.

  • Reduce OPEX cost regarding workplace licensing and costs.
  • Reinforce dynamic cost allocation of licenses
  • Exploit analytics capability to predict service level disruption
  • Deploy data-driven policies for resource optimization.
Customer story: Dynamic license and activity monitoring for cost optimization. Learn more.

Hundreds of real-time metrics and KPI Available

GALEO’s Workforce Intelligence Platform collects thousands of individual and aggregated KPIs build quantitative workforce models from different perspectives and purposes.

Integrate Workforce Digital experience data

Galeo Workforce Intelligence Platform is an open environment that provide connectors to ingest user interaction from most popular workplace tools. These connectors allow you integrating data from:

  • MS 365 services, including Outlook, Calendar, Teams, Sharepoint…
  • CRM like Salesforce, Zoho, MS Dynamics…
  • Project management tools: Trello, Jira, GitHub, TeamWorks…
  • HR and Employee Service systems: Cornerstone, ServiceNow, Workday…

Digital Workforce 360

Galeo’s Workforce Intelligence allows creating a full-descriptive 360 view of your workforce.

This complete data-driven view of the digital workforce experience will allow identifying opportunities for process optimization, talent management and early risk detection.

Empower your People Analytics teams

The Galeo’s Workforce Intelligence platform includes fully centralized data security and governance mechanism, while creating and accessible data catalogue for your People Analytics team.

As an open platform, it provides interfaces to access data and deploy custom analytics processes and models.

It will enable your analytics team to create custom KPIs and metrics to populate their own models and dashboards, eventually using their preferred analytics methods and tools.


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