Artificial intelligence and real-time analytics for music rights management

An intellectual property rights management company, in particular music reproduction rights, bases its business on the massive processing of information. Among other things, repertoires of global musical works are managed in great detail and processed for the management of derivative rights.

The rise of streaming platforms and the changes in the sector due to digital distribution have pushed its traditional information systems to the limit, prompting the company to a process of complete transformation of its architecture and technological model. Galeo has had the opportunity to accompany this transformation through the construction of:

  • The corporate data platform in the Cloud, which safeguards and governs all relevant information for business processes.
  • An artificial intelligence system capable of processing millions of records and comparing them for identification, inventory and royalty distribution.
  • An event-driven, real-time integration architecture that enables synchronization of the different information domains.

Through the creation of these new corporate systems, the company has achieved:

  • Bringing previously periodic business processes closer to a real-time service model.
  • The evolution to an architecture by business domains that allows an agile evolution of the units to the needs of the market.
  • To make operational data processes more flexible and automated, under a secure and governed model.
  • Identify opportunities for business growth and provide transparency in the relationships with its ecosystem.

From an overall architecture point of view, the transformation of the systems is addressed by business domain, by creating independent business services synchronized through a platform based on event processing.

Artificial intelligence and real-time analytics for music rights management

The data platform provides data and analytical capabilities to each of the business services.