About Galeo

What’s in the name?

Billions of people. Even more billions of machines and things. All connected. All producing data. Exponentially. An ocean of data with enormous value.

Galeo was founded in 2018 to help companies in the era of digitization by designing, building and operating innovative data platforms that harness, integrate and exploit the dynamic value of data.

The name Galeo comes from “galeotes” of ancient times: they rowed ships in unison. Not slaves, but free skilled individuals whose expertise were fundamental to the success of the grand voyages undertaken by mother ships. Just as these rowers propelled ships forward through orchestrated teamwork, we envision a modern-day synergy: data, technology, and people working harmoniously to deliver value.

Today, we firmly believe that in the oceans of fast-moving, fast-changing, data-driven growth opportunities, businesses can navigate and thrive. We provide the “oars” in the form of modern data platforms, and we’re enthusiastic fellow rowers, ready to journey alongside you.


Our approach

Galeo is a company born from the experience of the founding team, Marco Laucelli and Alejandro Alija, in software development, the digitisation of industrial processes and the exploitation of corporate cloud architectures. Our services revolve around the construction of technological platforms that allow us to scale the value provided by digital products – particularly data and advanced analytics – to become productive assets that transform processes, services and business operations of corporations…

We build our data platforms solutions with a common vision, based on three elements: governance, process and operations model. This approach pursues the creation of an agile fabric where digital products are conceived, developed and scaled. Galeo’s approach is the result of validated feedback and a successful track record of working with different types of data:

Machine data or captured data, from databases, cloud, IoT or edge, with the fundamental idea of integrating all this information into a single holistic view.

Process data from processes, analytics and business, combining all your intelligence with all the data to be able to act on it.

Human data. Productivity suites are hubs of interaction between systems and humans, creating a new form of valuable data that can be intelligently analyzed and exploited for value.

How can we help you?

In an era marked by soaring digital expectations and a scarcity of skilled & experienced professionals, we’ve forged an organization capable of unlocking a digital product’s full potential and optimizing its impact on your company’s bottom line. At Galeo, we firmly believe that achieving ambitious, tangible results hinges on a collaborative model founded on alignment, honesty, and transparency with our clients. We’re not just service providers; we aspire to be integral to our clients’ successes, knowing that their triumphs are our own.

To this end, we’ve crafted a dynamic and mature organization singularly dedicated to executing projects and surmounting challenges. Our team comprises highly qualified professionals equipped with real-world experience in intricate landscapes and deep technical acumen. Above all, we’re driven by a desire to roll up our sleeves and get the job done. All the domain expertise and distilled wisdom within our ranks are part of the value we bring, and we’re excited to help you.

We’re an organization designed to do things rather than tell you how they should be done.

We are hands-on.
We deliver.