Corporate data platform for a multinational oil & gas company

The strategic commitment to data-driven digitization and the construction of an ambitious corporate platform of one of the largest companies in the Oil & Gas sector worldwide gave galeo the opportunity to execute one of its most relevant projects.

Since the beginning of the project, galeo has had the opportunity to actively participate in the conception, design and development of the data platform, as well as to participate in the construction of analytical products for the commercial, operation and control and distribution areas of the company.

Galeo’s capabilities have been particularly relevant in solving the challenges of extending and integrating the centralized – and cloud-hosted – data platform with the necessary components in the EDGE, both for industrial environments – such as refineries – and for distributed asset management – such as gas stations.

Among the business initiatives that have improved operations thanks to the platform are industrial asset management, predictive maintenance and the optimization of control and operation processes.

The reuse of data and analytical systems has led to advanced optimization capabilities that have demonstrated tremendous business impact. By way of example, the integration of market production capacities with production planning systems has produced returns of several million euros per year.

Corporate data platform for a multinational oil & gas company

The corporate cloud data platform has required extensions at the edge for data management in the industrial environment – refineries – and at distribution points – service stations. Both extensions have required the integration of the IoT platform with the analytics platform.