Corporate trading platform based on event-driven architecture

A well-known financial institution focused on the private banking business has decided to modernize its entire information and operational platform for the trading business.

The objective of this transformation is multiple: it includes the adoption of cloud technology to ensure the scalability and elasticity of the system; it also adopts securitized event processing capabilities and their combination with processing capabilities that allow the implementation of business logic, but also advanced analytics systems to provide the system with additional intelligence.

Finally, the platform requires the ability to create data products and APIs that enable the distribution of analytical capabilities across multiple service channels.

The platform designed by Galeo – based on event-based processing and orchestration models – integrates functional capabilities with a standardized event processing and governance architecture, which has provided the customer’s platform with increased performance, increased flexibility for combining information in different business models and significant savings in information processing infrastructure.

Corporate trading platform based on event-driven architecture

The adoption of an event-based architecture makes it possible to homogenize the information processing model and generate processes, operations and information systems in real time, as required by the bank’s customers.