Operation and observability of large IoT networks

Operation and observability of large IoT networks

One of the essential challenges for operating large-scale IoT networks is to have a mechanism for monitoring and operating the network of IoT devices and components of the network itself.

Based on Galeo’s experience in creating large networks of connected assets – service stations, charging points, vehicle fleets – Galeo’s IoT team has developed a complete IoT network monitoring platform for one of the leading companies in the Oil & Gas sector in Spain.

Through this solution, a proactive management and operation model has been implemented based on the monitoring of devices and gateways implemented in the field, as well as the monitoring of the platform’s data and message flows.

End users (operators at different levels) get a complete real-time monitoring environment of the network, as well as an alert system integrated with corporate maintenance systems.

Operation and observability of large IoT networks,

The observability platform of a large-scale IoT network is the basic pillar to ensure its operation and exploitation. Industrial networks require different integrations at the network level, and in this case we have chosen a topology that federates physically isolated environments.