Digital Twins with AWS IoT and Grafana

Digital twins are high-fidelity virtual models of a physical asset synchronized with the real asset. In this way, users can digitally interact with the model while analyzing the actual behavior of the physical asset. To build a digital twin we need to combine different pieces and technological practices. On the one hand, we need the 3D geometries of the asset or assets that make up the digital twin. In addition, we need to embed these 3D models in advanced web visualization interfaces that show us additional contextual information about the asset: where it is physically, who it belongs to, what state it is in. Finally, we need the capabilities of an IoT platform that facilitates the integration of data from the physical asset and its integration into the virtual model of the Digital Twin.

In this project, we have deployed the above capabilities in the context of a CEPSA service station, integrating different types of equipment such as a car wash tunnel. Using managed services from the AWS IoT stack, we built a Digital Twin solution that captures the data in real time and projects it onto the 3D model that is ultimately visualized using the Grafana cloud dashboard web interface.

We explain how we have done it and you can see a Demo of it in the following video.