From chip to cloud: The silent digitization of machines

We share in this article the interesting webinar of our founding partner and CEO Marco Laucelli, where under the title: “From chip to cloud: The silent digitization of machines” he explores in depth the topic of digitization of machines and industrial assets. The session is part of Atlas Tecnológico’s Premium Hour initiative.

During the talk, several large-scale digitization projects were highlighted, such as the digitization of service station networks for Repsol and Cepsa. The complexity of digital engineering in building the digital world was highlighted, addressing aspects such as data integration, vehicle monitoring and the key role of artificial intelligence.

A central point was the discussion of the challenge companies face when they discover that their initial objectives may not be feasible. The recommendation was to focus on simple solutions and obtain consumable value for users. The importance of simplifying the presentation of data for its understanding and effective use was also stressed, emphasizing the need to adapt the digital strategy according to the profile of the users.

In summary, the session provided a comprehensive overview of digitization in the industrial arena, addressing both technological advances and the practical challenges faced by companies in this digital transformation process. We hope you find it as interesting as we do.