Galeo and Cycle Platform join forces to maximize value, sustainability and circular economy in the fashion world.

This collaboration aims to provide brands with the opportunity to manage their items through the entire product lifecycle, from manufacturing, distribution and sales, as well as their valuation in the second-hand market, while optimizing their designs and commercial processes.

The sale of second-hand clothing has experienced significant growth in recent years, driven by increased awareness of sustainability and responsible consumption, as well as the popularity of online sales platforms.

Thanks to Galeo’s technology and experience in data capture, analysis and processing together with Cycle Platform’s experience in the fashion industry, both companies want to offer a differential value that maximizes the value of each fashion item, in a unique way, guaranteeing its traceability, authenticity, and tracking of its entire life cycle.

Galeo and Cycle Platform join forces to maximize value, sustainability and circular economy in the fashion world.,

To do this, a technology platform is needed to trace each garment uniquely from its origin, connecting with the inventories of major fashion brands, designers and retailers, both online and physical. This possibility will bring multiple benefits to all the actors involved in the process from the brands that will be able to control their items from their first sale to the end of their life cycle and of course to the buyers as it confirms a resale value and will maximize the value of their garment while confirming the authenticity of the product with a digital identity that guarantees its value.

In addition, the collaboration between Galeo and Cycle Platform will enable the integration of future regulatory requirements, including those proposed by the European Union in the Textile 2025-2030 agenda, such as the Digital Product Passport (DPP) and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).

The collaboration between Galeo and Cycle Platform represents an exciting initiative that promises to bring about a major change in the fashion world, equipping the industry’s leading brands with tools that will enable them to optimize their processes across the value chain.

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