Nanomate and Galeo: A pioneering alliance in the era of Data Driven Nanotechnology.

Madrid, October 04, 2023

Galeo, a company specialising in the creation of digital platforms in the cloud, and Nanomate, a revolutionary startup in the manufacture of nanofibres for the future, today announce an important milestone in their successful collaboration since the beginning of Nanomate’s digital transformation process.

Nanomate’s challenge is ambitious and complex: to become a manufacturer of high value-added nanofibres for various applications, such as supercaps (very high capacity capacitors) and batteries, by having the ability to design and manufacture specific nanofibres based on each customer’s unique demands.

The collaboration with Galeo makes it possible for Nanomate to have:

  • A Comprehensive Data Model: Each fibre produced is now supported by a data system that tracks its entire lifecycle, from requirements management to the technical specification sheet, similar to PLM solutions in engineering.In particular, a corporate data platform has been developed on AWS public cloud, built with managed services for end-to-end management of the data value chain.
  • State-of-the-art Data-Driven Tools: Scientists now have data-driven tools to assist in the design of nanofibres according to requirements, facilitating more informed and faster decisions.Databricks on AWS technology as a Lakehouse platform forms the backbone of the solution. Dataentry tools such as Notion or reporting tools such as MS Power BI are the interfaces to the users.

This major change has changed Nanomate’s day-to-day operations. Where scientists used to rely on analogue and manual methods, now, as Juan Benavente, Nanomate’s CTO, points out: “we have achieved the initial objectives with which this project started, when you walk into a lab you see a scientist with his digital data recording system and his Power BI report, analysing quality data in a systematic way”.

This evolution not only reflects the success of the collaboration between Galeo and Nanomate, but also demonstrates the growth of the Spanish startup ecosystem and the crucial importance of data in the development of R&D in Spain.

Galeo and Nanomate remain committed to their joint journey, tackling challenges and exploring the immense opportunities offered by a data-driven culture and the cloud hand in hand with a partner like AWS, with the aim of creating nanofibres on demand, adapted to the changing needs of the market and contributing to a more sustainable future.

“For Galeo it is a pleasure and an honour to learn about the latest technologies in nanomaterials and batteries and to help Nanomate in its journey to the cloud and the dataworld” says Alejandro Alija, Managing Director and founding partner of Galeo.

Next steps

SW projects never end, they just evolve or die.

Alejandro Alija
Founding Partner and Managing Director

As next steps of the strategic collaboration, which will yield results in the coming months, GALEO and NANOMATE, collaborate in the creation of a digital twin of their pilot facilities with the aim to learn and generate knowledge about the value contribution of digital twins in order to implement these solutions in early stages in their next nanofibre production factories at scale.

Furthermore, after the natural process of standardising, cataloguing and making quality data available on the corporate platform, it is now time to start advanced analytics projects on the available dataset. Thus, the creation of artificial intelligence models is being explored for use cases such as nanofibres on demand (recommenders) or the automatic characterisation of laboratory images (imaging for life-sciences).

About Nanomate: Nanomate is a pioneering company that seeks to lead the transition to a more sustainable planet through nanotechnology, offering innovative solutions in the design and manufacture of nanomaterials.

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