Webinar: People Analytics and Digital Employee Experience.

Build People Analytics solutions based on the use of workplace tools and digital collaboration.

The way digital work tools are used opens up the possibility of collecting and analyzing activity, communication and collaboration data from the different teams within an organization.

In this webinar, Paola Castilo HR Manager at SoftwareOne opens the discussion about the People Analytics opportunity and how to accelerate the adoption of Data Analytics in the HR area with the challenges that this entails.

Thanks to the digitization of the Workplace and analytical tools capable of capturing and exploiting the data derived from the use of these tools, it is possible to obtain insights, as well as to track key KPIs on employee experience and performance. Enabling you to strengthen data-driven decision making by your People Analytics team.

Webinar: People Analytics and Digital Employee Experience.,

Webinar: People Analytics and Digital Employee Experience.,

This webinar presents, through use cases and experiences, the Workforce Intelligence Platform, an analytical platform capable of integrating both the collaboration tools of your organization and the most widely used work tools in different sectors, allowing you to create analytical models for:

  • Measuring employee satisfaction, quality and the balance of their work activity
  • Maximizing the productivity of digital work environments
  • Improve business processes based on the interaction between employees and digital systems.
  • Measuring and monitoring the impact of transformation initiatives over time
  • Analyzing hidden patterns and structures in an organization

If you find it interesting and could not attend the event…. Here you have the recording!


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Webinar: People Analytics and Digital Employee Experience.,